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Subscription FAQ

What is this?

While my podcast and stories will always be available for free, creating a subscriber account for $3/month is a completely optional way for my most insane passionate fans to support my work. I'm not interested in harvesting data or running ads (I respect your privacy too much), so becoming a subscriber is the only way you can support me and my work on this website in a financial capacity.

I don't have any aspirations to become rich off this or even generate enough revenue necessary to cover hosting costs, but I figure if I have even a single subscriber paying me every month then that will light a fire under my ass and keep me motivated to continue writing stories and recording the podcast. As a thank-you to anyone who does support me, subscribers will have access to a collection of exclusive content.

What exclusive content do subscribers get?

Subscribers get unlimited access to the following exclusive content:

Is it really worth $3/month?


Can I subscribe for one month, download all the exclusive content, then unsubscribe?

Sure! Your first $3 gives you full access to everything for one month. You can cancel immediately to prevent the next automatic payment and access all the exclusive content at your leisure until the month runs out.