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Privacy Policy

The main rudism.com website does not use cookies or employ any kind of client-side tracking. On the server, requests are logged along with IP addresses.

The subscriber content and forums employ cookies for authentication to your subscriber account. The information associated with your account is your email address, your forum username, a salted and encrypted hash of your password using the bcrypt algorithm, and a customer and subscription ID generated by Stripe. No other information about you and no financial information is kept on the rudism.com server(s).

Subscriptions and payment details are managed by Stripe. The only information I share with them is your email address when you initially subscribe, and the customer and subscription IDs generated and associated to your account by Stripe.

Stripe has their own terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Anonymous pageview counts across all of rudism.com and its subdomains are recorded via a self-hosted instance of KISSS.

Other than what is described above regarding Stripe, I do not share any account details, logs, or data of any kind with any third parties and, barring a court order, will never do so for any reason.